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Fuller Brush network marketing business opportunity

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Unlike many Networking and MLM opportunities, Fuller Brush is an actual manufacturer, cutting out a level of middlemen, and can offer product value apart from the compensation plan. Many customers are joining as distributors because they can see the wide-open market. Distributors purchase products directly from the company at wholesale by mail or toll-free telephone. There are no minimum or maximum quotas. Fuller's consumables are priced right and save money by doing the job right the first time, costing less per use, and any customer will tell you how economical the brooms, mops, and brushes are because they last so long. Sell by mail-order, internet, home parties, fund-raisers, telephone, business to business, flea markets or shows, advertising, sharing the catalog with your friends/associates/co-workers, or even door to door if you wish. Even friends and family will be glad to see you offering the Fuller Brush quality product line. The Fuller name not only opens doors; it opens hearts and minds.

The chart below shows the commissions you can receive on your purchases and sales. You take your percentage off immediately and send in only the wholesale price. Use the products yourself if you want to be successful in telling others what you sell. How long would Henry Ford have been in business if he drove a Chevy? Fuller products go on special every month in inexpensive 16 page color catalogs, and you take your percentage off those discounted prices!

All new distributors and wholesale Preferred Customers start off as Sales Associates, earning 20%-24%* on your first $600 PGV. (*Manager Drive bonus rewards producers by adding another 10% if you sell/buy $600 yourself within 5 months - see below). PGV is the retail value of your Personal purchases/sales and your Groupís Volume if you recruit other distributors. If you sell/purchase $200 your first month, you bypass 20% earning 22% on the entire amount; $400 your first month will give you 24% on the entire amount. The $600 requirement to become a Manager accumulates from month to month.




(All New Distributors)

Monthly Personal DISCOUNT

Monthly Personal DISCOUNT

Accumulated DISCOUNT

Group Volume EARNED

Group Volume EARNED

Personal EARNED

$0.00 - $749.99 41%

Group Volume

$0.00 - $74.99 26%

$750.00 - $949.99 44%

$75.00 - $149.99 29%

$950.00 - $1749.99 45%

$0.00 - $199.99 20%

$150.00 - $249.99 32%

$1750.00 - $2999.99 46%

$200.00 - $399.99 22%

$250.00 - $399.99 35%

$3000.00 - $4999.99 50%

$400.00 - $600.00 24%

$400.00 - $549.99 38%

$5000.00 - $7999.99 51%

$550.00 - $749.99 41%

$8000.00 + 52%

$750.00 - $949.99 44%

$8000.00 + *53%

Promoted to Manager after

$950.00 - $1749.99 45%

$8000.00 + *54%

accumulating $600 of business >>

$1750.00 + **46%

$8000.00 + *55%

* Other qualifications are required to earn 53%-55%.

** Professional retailers consistently selling $1750/month personally can earn an extra 1% quarterly bonus;

$2000+ 2%; $2500+ 3%; and $3000+/month an extra 4%, giving you 50% off everything you buy or sell.

As soon as you have accumulated $600 in retail product volume (before discounts), you become a Manager permanently (until your next promotion) and earn a minimum 26% commission, and potential commissions jump very quickly up to 46%, giving many people the incentive to build at least some retail business for immediate extra cash. Mail-order and internet sales are included in your personal sales figures.

Manager commissions are based on monthly volume and jump to 29% at $75 monthly retail value, 32% at $150; 35% at $250; 38% at $400; 41% at $550; 44% at $750; 45% at $950; 46% over $1750.

Fuller Direct will help you build a nationwide mail-order and internet business from your home. Fuller has the name recognition to get people to look at your catalog and order. Your customers can deal directly with The Fuller Brush Company. You place your ID# on the catalogs and your customers order direct from Fuller by mail or toll-free telephone. Fuller ships the product direct and mails you the retail profit and your customer list. Your customer is automatically coded as your customer for the next time that he/she calls to order for repeat sales, the key to our business.

The Fuller Direct free website opportunity was launched in 2001 and accepts customers from anywhere in the US or Canada. It is a really great opportunity for any organizations trying to raise money. More details at Fundraising. If you have your own website, our team (not the Company) will also provide you with the html code to create a Fuller Direct Shopping button that will automatically enter your ID# into Fuller's secure shopping area. This website was upgraded in July 2003 to also include all the Stanley Home Products and our monthly catalog specials.

Fuller Brush is much more than a 97 year old retailing opportunity now. Join NOW so that you will have something to celebrate on Fuller's 100th Anniversary. You also have the Network Marketing opportunity of duplicating yourself and your efforts by finding other distributors for Fuller right from your first day and gaining the referral commission. In Fuller Brush there is no hassle; they order directly from Fuller. Your upline will help you to help them. Networking is simply word of mouth advertising and people helping people. When you find other people who want to make money in a proven established company (or who want to buy wholesale direct as a Preferred Customer), you sign them up and earn over-ride commissions on all of their sales, even though they deal directly with the Company for products and commission checks. And, unlike other companies that hide behind 'wholesale' or 'BV points', Fuller pays all commissions and over-rides based on the retail dollar figures of you and your distributors - in effect doubling the downline dollar pay-out compared to other companies. Personally, while I do maintain a healthy sales volume, I would rather help YOU to earn money and receive a small residual from Fuller in exchange, creating an on-going income, than to be totally dependent on my personal sales efforts. YOU CAN TOO!

All of your downline distributorsí volume is added to yours to boost you up the commission ladder, and you earn over-ride commissions of your final percentage minus their percentage (i.e. 46% minus 20% = 26% on a brand new distributor to reward you for finding a new distributor). You get paid on each of your personal distributorsí total group volume no matter how many distributors are in each group. Build as wide or deep as you want. There are NO sponsoring or retailing requirements to have a group; you do need $35 personal purchases or sales each month to receive over-rides; simply replace your household products with Fuller and find a few customers to buy that volume for you. Nobody earns anything just signing people up; we earn over-rides on actual product movement, so sales and/or self-use of the product is necessary. Networkers earn more on downline volume when there IS downline volume, and Fuller creates volume.

Recruiting will add to your volume to push you up to Manager. At the Manager level, if you sponsor 4 people or fundraising groups who sell (or who sponsor others who sell) $500 per month, that will put you at the 46% commission level on your own sales. If you sponsored only 2 productive distributors per month, after one year you'd have 24 groups to earn commissions on. Of course, they will also recruit, growing your organization of distributors exponentially.

The next level is Director. Directors earn at least 41% and up to 52%. Requirements are: For 3 months in a row, you need $3000+ group volume, at least $1500 outside your largest group, and at least 15 distributors ordering $35+ each month, and at least 5 of them on your Level 1. You will then be at 50%-52% and can earn 4%-6% on your people at the top of the Manager scale, and potentially 30-32% on a brand new distributor. As a Director, when your distributors advance to Director, you can earn 5%-6% on their entire groups, even if they are more active and acquire a higher title than you. Even as a plain Director, you can earn at least a 3-5% override on 5 levels of Directors below you, including their entire personal groups. To repeat, these percentages are paid on the RETAIL dollar volume, not a wholesale or PV/BV figure, which can double your bonus check. All the little details are part of your distributor kit. Personally, I spend my time making money, not on the details. I had a full time income even before I had downline Directors.

If you want to build a business, promise yourself to set goals of:

A. Make your very first order a minimum of $150 before your discount, and Fuller will reward you with a FREE $50 Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper. They will also reward your sponsor with a free sweeper.

B. Commit to producing $600 in business ASAP, but at least within your first five months, and Fuller will reward you with (besides your initial commission) a $60 cash bonus, 1000 free double-sided business cards, and a Fuller magnetic car sign. Fuller will also reward your sponsor with a $45 cash bonus.

C. Sponsor other distributors or Fundraising Organizations. You will earn, besides the normal over-ride commissions, the bonuses described above (5A & B) when you encourage your new dealers to properly build their business - the free sweepers, the $45 bonus, and an additional $45 bonus when they reach $1200 in personal sales within the month they join and the following 5 full months. Other cash bonuses also available to productive recruiters. Downline volume can quickly push you up to 46%-52%.

CLICK HERE for an income example and chart on monthly incomes,

overrides, and 6-month pathway to Director.

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