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Fuller Brush network marketing business opportunity

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How to Start a Small Business & Sell The Fuller Brush Company's Products

You don't have to be an experienced sales person to sell Fuller Brush products. Fuller products are renowned for their quality and have a proven 96-year history. A simple demonstration and these products can sell themselves. All you need is a bit of motivation and the support of your DownEast Winning Team members (and you already have the latter). We will show you how to start a small business right from your own home.

You select the business marketing strategies and techniques that you're most comfortable with. Long gone are the days of the Fuller Brush Man doing door-to-door sales. The modern Fuller Brush Company techniques are proven money-makers. That's the beauty of the Fuller Brush network marketing business.

How Can You Sell Fuller Brush Products?
Mail order
Your free Fuller Brush website

Sell to small business
Sell to family, friends, co-workers
Home party plan sales
Fundraisers with non-profit and charitable organizations
Exhibits at local fairs, swap meets and flea markets

How Do You Get Your Business off the Ground?
I don't know what you've heard or know about network marketing. More people have become millionaires operating a network marketing business than any other business in America. At the same time, many people have failed.

Success in Starting a Small Business Occurs for a Number of Reasons. Two Important Reasons Are:

Working with an established company and products with an unblemished reputation. The hardest thing to do in consumer selling is persuading people to buy an unheard of brand from an unheard of company. Name recognition is crucial and The Fuller Brush Company has it. Our products also have a reputation for quality and value that's unsurpassed in home sales. This is a tremendous advantage in selling and recruiting a downline.

Full support and network marketing company training are crucial to your success. It's tough to make it on your own. Yes, people with extreme will power have done it, but the vast majority give up - perhaps just before they were about to achieve a breakthrough. With Fuller Brush, you will have all the training and support you need to succeed. We will show you how to start a small business from home successfully.

The DownEast Winning Team Actively Guides You To Success
The DownEast Winning Team is one of the most successful and profitable branches of The Fuller Brush Company. We will help you get started and assist you in whatever way you choose to run your business. We won't hassle you or pressure you to do anything you don't want to. It's your business. You call the shots. We're here as facilitators. Here's what you'll get when you join our team:

Company and full-time upline support are available to you via a toll-free 800 line.
Free DownEast Winning Team Newsletter and E-mail guidance.
Company-Approved training and promotional materials written by our DownEast Winning Team including:
Sample ads
How to build an organization of Fuller Brush Independent Distributors
Sample recruiting letters
Sales manuals
Detailed product information to help you sell better
How to be successful in home party plan sales
How to run profitable fundraising programs - for the organization and for yourself
FREE access to our exclusive Distributor Resource, Q&A, Discussions, Announcements & Training Website.

We offer the most comprehensive support and network marketing company training program in the industry. We realize our success depends on your success!

Okay, so it might not be so hard to get started...but what if it doesn't work out for you? Well, starting a small business with the Fuller Brush Company is risk-free... NEXT

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